Houses of the Broken and Other Stories

Five Years in the Valley

It took longer than expected to shuffle through the darkness of the valley. Mental quicksand feels like a good way to describe it. Slowly, you sink… the more you struggle, the deeper you get. Every lifeline seems out of reach. But slowly, you shift, and you crawl, and you claw yourself back up on to firm ground.

A lot can happen in five years. New jobs, new lives, new ways to avoid picking up where you left off. It’s been long enough that the despair from the publishing shills has worn off. Let’s check that off the bucket list.

Listeners have likely fallen by the wayside due to the long hiatus. But I’m here, again, hoping I can get this idea train to pick up speed and leave the station far behind.

Hardness remains where hope once was. What didn’t kill me has made me stronger, stranger and ready to do some damage.

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